About Mirrorwerx

Mirrorwerx is a luxury fashion brand harnessing the power of blockchain technology to reinvent the way we produce, sell and buy clothes. Our mission is to disrupt a broken industry by demonstrating radically transparent and sustainable business practices while transforming the role of customer from passive consumer to informed and invested collaborative co-creators.

About Thirty104

Thirty104 is Mirrorwerx’s genesis phygital collection and a celebration of friendship between co-founders Joann Kim and Veronica Chan.

This collection is a limited series of silk camp shirts which feature artist Daniel Calderon-Arena’s generative artwork Marfa Yucca #258, scaled and deconstructed into a pattern that is digitally printed, cut and sewn in NYC’s Garment District and equipped with a NFC chip to verify authenticity and edition ownership, as well as unlock exclusive Mirrorwerx rewards for collectors. Claiming the digital NFT enables the pre-order of a limited edition of 55.

The Genesis of Thirty104

Veronica and Joann are products of the New York garment industry: Joann ran her father’s garment factory a few blocks away from where Veronica headed marketing and sales for her father’s textile business in New York City’s historic Garment District.

In August 2022, they decided to combine their experience in fashion and fascination with the possibilities of web3, planting the seed of this collaborative project.

This genesis collection is inspired by Veronica’s first trip to Marfa, Texas at the annual Art Blocks meet-up. It was there that she met Daniel Calderon-Arenas (DCA) and claimed Marfa Yucca #258, which is the artwork featured in this collection. The name “Thirty104” comes from 30° 18' 49.0248'' N and 104° 1' 38.9316'' W, the GPS coordinates of Marfa, Texas.

Below expands on core pillars behind Mirrorwerx as exemplified by Thirty104


Physical products are constructed using finest quality materials and sewn by master sample makers in New York City’s Garment District. The silk camp shirt is made with 100% silk crepe de chine, cut one piece at a time and sewn with 


Freedom of movement and utilitarian function guides silhouette designs while printed artworks are opportunities to collaborate with artists across mediums, from traditional painters to generative artists. The silk camp shirt is gender fluid, loose fit and features artwork Marfa Yucca #258 by generative artist Daniel Arenas-Calderon.


The brand is the resulting work of an evergreen community of creators incentivized to create and share products and services. Finalizing design attributes of a hemp sundress, voting on artworks to print and feature, recommending talent to refine branding, collecting fit checks across social platforms, there is no one way to be part of the story we create.


Each physical product begins as a stylized digital render, collected as NFTs to prove ownership and authenticity for limited edition drops. The silk camp shirt is available as an edition of 55 for .2 ETH, guaranteeing membership to our community and first access to upcoming products and features.

Transparency + Sustainability

Ownership backed by blockchain is a sea change for the fashion industry, bringing with it the knowledge of volume, process, consumption and sales history. Closet as collection at scale enforces industry standards and supply chain processes to innovate to meet consumer demands. Claiming the camp shirt NFT functions as a pre-order of the physical, removing the need for excess inventory across sizes and specifying total supply through limited and capped editions.